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Are Aggressive Drivers Putting Your Family at Risk?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2016 | Car Accidents

We all get angry behind the wheel from time to time. It’s human nature. We might be running late and get stuck in traffic. According to recent study, an alarming number of drivers acting on their anger, engaging in aggressive driving practices, putting responsible drivers – and their families – at risk.

According to the study administered by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, eight out of 10 drivers admitted having expressed anger in the preceding year. What’s more alarming, however, is the estimate that 8 million drivers physically acted on their anger, admitting to getting out of their cars to confront other drivers, striking another vehicle on purpose and other forms of road rage.

The study showed that almost 90 percent of drivers felt that driving aggressively put them at serious risk of an accident. And they aren’t wrong. The most common form of aggressive driving was reported as purposely tailgating another driver, or driving at an unsafely close distance to the driver. This puts all passengers in both vehicles at serious risk of a rear-end collision, entirely at the fault of the aggressive driver. Rear-end collisions or “fender benders” are often seen as a minor incident. However, even these accidents can cause serious harm to passengers in either vehicle.

Other aggressive driving practices such as blocking lanes purposefully or cutting off another driver were also reported. At high speeds, these can lead to fatal accidents. In fact, an estimate by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that aggressive or angry driving have lead to about 66% of all traffic deaths. In 2015, the traffic death toll exceeded 35,000.

Clearly, angry and aggressive driving practices are dangerous, reckless and need to be addressed. Fortunately, responsible drivers who find themselves victims of aggressive driving are generally not at fault for aggressive driving accidents. Legal counsel and representation are a must for anybody who feels they have been victimized by these practices. In many cases, the irresponsible parties can be brought to justice.

If you’ve been the victim of dangerous, aggressive driving practices, seek legal counsel right away. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you understand what avenues are available to you to recover compensation for your injuries. You should never discuss your case with anyone, especially insurance companies, because you could cause problems for the future of your claims. An attorney will provide you with the advice you need to maximize the recovery available to you.