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Don’t Ride the Road to Recovery Alone After a Motorcycle Accident

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

If a better place in the world to ride a motorcycle exists than along the Southern California coast, you’ll never hear a local rider admit it. Great weather, great scenery and inviting highways make Encinitas and all of San Diego County a mecca for motorcyclists.

Although you and other riders would sometimes prefer otherwise, you have to share the pavement with motorists operating much larger vehicles. No matter how careful you may be, interactions with cars and trucks can’t be avoided. When motorcycle accidents do happen, the results rarely go the rider’s way.

Motorcycle Accident Reports Continue to Rise

The number of motorcycles on the road increases every year as more people seek to reduce their commuting costs and new riders discover the joy of riding. Between 2009 and 2015, the number of registered motorcycles rose by 600,000 to 8.6 million. With the increase in motorcycles, it might not surprise you to know that the number of accidents also increased across the United States.

In 2015, alone 4,976 people died in motorcycle crashes, up more than eight percent from the previous year. The number of riders injured in crashes decreased by 4.3 percent during that same time. Unfortunately, that still means 88,000 motorcyclists suffered injuries in 2015.

Every Accident Has the Potential to Cause Serious Injury

Although mandatory helmet laws exist for all riders and passengers here in California, and though helmets do substantially reduce the rate of injury, they cannot prevent many motorcyclists from getting hurt in a serious accident.

Some of the types of injuries a rider or passenger may have to deal with include:

  • Broken bones
  • Road rash
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Damage to internal organs

Many riders suffer combinations of serious injuries, and they could face a long and difficult recovery.

When the Bills Add Up, You Can Count on a Lawyer to Help

Major injuries take time to heal, and a motorcycle accident victim might experience an extended hospitalization and still require ongoing therapy and follow up care after his or her discharge. Returning to work may not happen in the short term, and even the long-range outlook for employment may be limited or non-existent after suffering a traumatic injury.

In the face of mounting bills and disappearing savings and credit after a serious motorcycle crash, you might want to consider contacting a lawyer. A lawyer who knows the area and has extensive experience with motorcycle accident cases, might bring in the settlement you’ll need to stop worrying and get back to getting better.