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Was Braking Distance a Factor in Your Truck Accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Due to the heavier weight and larger size of semitrailers, these vehicles are capable of inflicting serious damage when involved in accidents with smaller vehicles. Because of their tremendous size and weight, drivers of these types of vehicles must be aware of all of the factors that can increase the chance of an accident, including the distance needed to brake and stop completely.

It takes longer for a large truck to stop, which means California truckers must know how to stop properly and determine how much distance to leave between a truck and a passenger vehicle. Failure to drive safely could result in unnecessary accidents and the injury of innocent drivers and passengers.

What You Should Know About Braking Distance

In truck accidents involving smaller vehicles, it is more likely that a person in the smaller vehicle will sustain fatal injuries than the truck driver. These vehicles are more vulnerable to impact of a large, heavy vehicle, even when the bigger vehicle is moving at a slow speed. Braking distance plays a role in many truck accidents, and you may be surprised to learn the following about these types of collisions:

  • Due to the height of a truck versus the height of a smaller vehicle, a smaller car can end up under the truck in a collision.
  • Passenger vehicles can weight 20 to 30 times less than semitrailers; the weight difference is a main difference for serious consequences of truck accidents.
  • When loaded, semitrailers can take 20 to 40 percent more distance to come to a complete stop.
  • Braking distance for trucks increases when roads are wet, the weather is bad or there is a lack of proper brake maintenance.

Truckers bear the responsibility of driving safely and being aware of the factors that could increase the chance of an accident. Cautious driving, training and lack of distractions can decrease the chance that improper braking will cause a collision.

What Are My Rights As a Truck Accident Victim?

If you suffered injuries in an accident involving a semitrailer, you would be wise to take quick action to learn more about your options. It is possible that you have grounds for a civil claim against the trucker, trucking company or other liable party, and you can act quickly to preserve evidence and build a strong claim.

Braking distance may have had a significant role in your accident and the nature of your injuries. If you believe that you are a victim of negligent trucker, you do not have to suffer through the aftermath alone.