Representing Victims Of Auto Accidents

760-652-9809At The Law Offices of C. Bradley Hallen​, I take pride in helping people who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. For over 30 years, I have been working tirelessly to recover compensation for those who have found themselves in difficult circumstances after a crash.

I know that you have many questions about your case, and I am glad to sit down and talk with you about your options. I can help you make the right choices for the future of your claims, and I will work together with you throughout the process to ensure that you are protected at all times.

Individualized Attention From An Experienced Auto Accident Attorney

My main focus is helping you get back on your feet. This is a tough time in your life, and I will be there to fight on your behalf. I have represented thousands of individuals injured in California accidents over the past three decades, and I am confident that I will be able to hold the negligent parties responsible for your claims.

I assist with any and all accident claims, including:

  • Car accidents caused by negligent, inattentive, distracted or impaired drivers
  • Truck accidents of all kinds, including rollover crashes
  • Motorcycle accidents resulting from inattentive driving by other motorists

You may wonder what benefits there are to hiring an attorney to assist with your claim. Insurance companies have their own claims and legal teams. These adjusters and attorneys are often highly skilled at the art of trying to persuade you to settle for inappropriately small amounts, for amounts that do not adequately cover all of the past and future harms and losses. What might appear to be an acceptable offer might in truth be totally insufficient to cover all of the economic and human (pain and suffering) losses resulting from the wrongdoer’s negligence. You simply must make sure you know what your claim is truly worth before making any final decisions.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to provide you with an honest and clearly understandable evaluation of your case. As your attorney, my goal is to help you get a fair and just resolution of your claim, whether that comes through negotiation with the insurance companies involved or through arbitration, mediation or jury trial. I have extensive experience in the courtroom, and I am committed to helping you protect your rights.

Let Me Help You With Your Accident Claims

I offer free consultations for those who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents. To discuss your claims with an experienced lawyer, please call my firm at 760-652-9809 or send me an email using our contact form. There are no fees unless I am able to recover compensation for you. I represent clients throughout Encinitas, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Leucadia, Cardiff, Solana Beach, Vista, San Marcos and other cities throughout San Diego County.