Recent Verdicts And Settlements

$4.55 million recovered for the devastated family of a 63-year-old El Cajon man who was killed when his passenger car collided with a drilling rig on Interstate 15 at 3:00 a.m.

$3.8 million recovered for the 3 adult children of a 63-year-old motorcycle rider who was killed when a poorly-trained truck driver decided to try to beat cross-traffic by accelerating through a stop sign in the act of crossing a mountain highway near Big Bear.

$2.1 million recovered for the 3 adult children of a lovely 96-year-old woman who was gravely injured (and who later died) when a cellphone-using Tesla driver decided to disrespect a stop sign in Pacific Beach.

$1.4 million recovered for a pedestrian who was walking her dog and who suffered a significant concussion and other injuries when she was struck by a teenaged motorist. The car driver claimed he was blinded by the sun, but evidence showed he did not brake until after impact. This case was noteworthy because the police officer investigating the accident placed blame on the pedestrian for walking on the wrong side of the street.

$1,000,000 policy limits recovered for the siblings of a 65-year old woman who was struck and killed while crossing the street at an intersection by a woman who was driving while distracted.

$900,000 recovered for a 19-year-old skateboarder who suffered a closed-head injury and post-concussive syndrome when a motorist who did not want to share the road with teenage skateboarders struck him.

$1.7 million recovered for the two adult daughters of an 81-year-old Oceanside woman whose mail-order bathrobe ignited while she was at her stove cooking, resulting in burn injuries which ultimately caused her death.

$625,000 recovered for a 49-year-old Carlsbad woman who sustained a partial loss of hearing and smell in a motor vehicle collision in Cardiff, California.

$1.85 million recovered for a 19-year-old young man who sustained a traumatic brain injury when his ATV was rear-ended by a road-rage inflamed motorist in Escondido.

$500,000 recovered for an impaired motorcyclist who sustained significant injuries when his speeding motorcycle collided with a hay rake in Brawley, California.

$2.5 million recovered for the family a young mother who sustained a traumatic brain injury when her family’s car collided with a tractor-trailer on I-15 near Fallbrook, California.

$725,000 recovered for a 47-year-old man who sustained a closed head injury and fractured hip in a Greyhound bus accident in Santa Maria, California.

$194,000 recovered for a 51-year-old woman who sustained a neck injury when her car was rear-ended at low speed in Oceanside, California.

$462,500 recovered for a 45-year-old bicyclist who sustained a hip fracture when he was struck by a delivery truck in San Marcos, California.

$600,000 recovered for a 48-year-old man whose neck was badly injured when his van was rear-ended by a slow-moving passenger car in Bonsall, California.

$512,000 recovered for a 43-year-old legal secretary who sustained a neck injury in a workplace fall in Vista, California.

$500,000 recovered for an Oceanside man who suffered a back injury requiring surgery when he lost his footing descending an apartment complex stairway that was poorly maintained.

$500,000 recovered for a 28-year-old man who sustained a lower leg injury when his auto collided with a slow-moving truck near Warner Springs, California.

$500,000 recovered for a 58-year-old San Marcos woman who suffered a neck injury in a collision near La Costa, California.

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