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Preventing Accidents in School Zones

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2016 | Pedestrian Accidents

With all the excitement, and hustle and bustle of going back to school, it is easy to forget to start with some basic back-to-school safety tips. Not only do students need to exercise additional caution around school grounds, but so do parents and the general public. Here are a few tips to keep all students safe this year, from walking to school, riding the bus or bicycling, and even some tips for drivers.

To prevent pedestrian injuries there are many safety precautions you can take when your children walk to school. Always make sure a child under 10 is accompanied by an adult and never crosses the street alone. Teach your children the rules of the road, from recognizing street signs to obeying traffic signals. Make sure that you practice traffic safety awareness, from crossing in crosswalks to making sure your children look both ways before they cross the street. It is important to practice walking the safest route between school and home before you give your children permission to walk with a group of children.

While riding the bus to school is the safest transportation option, accidents still happen, usually when students are entering or exiting the bus. Make sure that your child doesn’t stand on or play in the street while waiting for the bus. Ensure that your children wait for the bus to stop completely before they get on or off. When riding a bus stay seated, keep your body inside the bus and do not distract the driver.

For students that ride a bike to school, there are many way to stay safe from wearing a helmet to knowing the rules of the road. Make sure your children are aware of the traffic at all times and that they use the proper hand signals. Practice traffic safety awareness by riding along the safest route with your children before they ride it with friends.

Drivers should take extra care, from students, parents and the general public. To protect children inside the car when driving, use safety belt and child-seats. Drop off your children early at school, in the designated areas – especially in the first couple of weeks. Never speed, make U-turns, double-park or pass another car in a school zone. Do NOT talk on your phone or text when driving. Period.

Remember children are watching your every move, as adults, we must set a good example for them, no matter how we are traveling. If there is an injury in either an auto or pedestrian accident, do not hesitate to seek out and contact an attorney for assistance.