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Answering The Most Frequently Asked Motor Vehicle Accident Questions

If you or someone close to you has recently been injured in a car accident, you probably have a lot of questions. This may especially be the case if someone else was at fault for the accident. Suddenly, not only do you have to deal with painful injuries and car repairs, but also potentially lost wages from missed work, costly medical bills, and more. If you weren’t at fault for your accident, the good news is that it falls on the at-fault motorist and their insurance company to compensate you for such trouble. The bad news is that filing a car accident claim isn’t as straightforward as it should be.

At Law Offices of C. Bradley Hallen, I can assist you with all your car accident-related concerns and needs. I’ve collected some of the most frequently asked car accident questioned I’ve been asked during my over 30-year-long career practicing law and answered them below. Read on to learn the basics and reach out to me at any time to discuss your case in more detail.

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Car Accident FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions I get asked as a car accident lawyer. If you have a question that isn’t on the list below or wish to speak about your specific case in detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time. I’d be happy to answer!

Do I have a case?

Each auto accident case is different. Though you likely have a claim if you were struck by another motorist while driving lawfully and you can prove it, there are numerous factors that can affect the validity of a claim. Some car accident claims may not even involve a lawsuit against another driver, but instead against something like a government entity (i.e., if your crash was caused by a poorly maintained road filled with potholes). As long as negligence and physical or mental injuries have been involved, then you probably have a case.

The best way to definitively determine whether you have a case is simply to give me a call. Because every case is different, it helps to discuss the unique details of yours with an experienced car accident attorney. The call is free and comes with no obligation!

I am C. Bradley Hallen, an experienced car accident attorney who will engage in an in-depth discussion of the facts surrounding your accident and the extent of your injuries. If I conclude that your case has merit, my firm, Law Offices of C. Bradley Hallen, can represent you on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not pay a fee unless I recover money in your case.

What is my case worth?

Calculating damages in personal injury cases can be complex. Accident victims often sell themselves short by overlooking many future losses they will suffer as a result of the accident. If you were involved in an accident, you need an experienced attorney to help you receive the full amount of your damages. Typically, injury victims can receive compensation for medical bills, lost present and future wages, reduction in earning potential, and the cost of physical therapy and in-home nursing care during recovery. You may also be entitled to compensation for your physical pain, emotional trauma, and diminished capacity to enjoy life after the accident. I will work closely with you to determine exactly how much your case is worth and fight for your right to maximum compensation.

Do I need a lawyer?

Not all auto accidents give rise to litigation. However, if you have been injured in a car accident that you suspect was caused by someone else’s negligence, you should consult with an attorney before accepting a settlement from the other driver’s insurance company. Insurance companies are interested in one thing: minimizing the amount of money they have to dole out to pay for your claim. Getting fair compensation from an insurance company is always an uphill battle. I am an experienced personal injury attorney who can level the playing field and help ensure that your rights are protected.

Do I need to see a doctor?

The most common mistake accident victims make is failing to visit a doctor after an auto accident. You should see a doctor immediately after being involved in an accident. A medical doctor can take x-rays, run tests, and document all of your injuries. In addition, even the most seemingly minor symptoms can turn into a much larger medical problem down the road. It is better to seek medical attention in order to prevent those complications in the future.

How much time do I have to file an auto accident lawsuit?

In all personal injury cases, the law sets forth strict time limitations within which you may file suit for your injuries. In California, you must file an auto accident lawsuit within two years of the accident that caused your injuries. If you don’t sue within this time, you lose your right to recover damages forever.

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