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How To Protect Your Claim After An Accident

The moments immediately after an accident can be filled with extreme confusion. You may not have any idea what you need to do, and this could lead to decisions that have a significant impact on your claims in the future.

As an experienced personal injury lawyer, I have seen many motorists involved in California auto accidents make the same mistakes time and time again. I want to provide you with detailed information that can help you avoid mistakes if you find yourself injured after a crash caused by a negligent driver.

Seek Treatment

The first thing you need to do is determine if you need medical treatment. If you are seriously or significantly injured, call 911 for an ambulance or otherwise arrange to go to a hospital Emergency Room as soon as possible. Many injured motorists wait too long to see a doctor. When this happens, it may become difficult to later connect specific injuries to a specific accident.

It is usually best to have your significant injuries evaluated on Day One so that you can begin appropriate care without unnecessary delay. If your injuries are not severe or do not require immediate medical attention, there are still some things that you can do at the scene to help your case.

Be Careful About What You Say

You and the other drivers involved will have to interact after the crash, but you need to limit these discussions to prevent saying anything that can be used against you. You should take photos of the other motorists’ insurance cards and licenses, and then of the damage to the vehicles involved. Do not discuss what happened in the accident, because such statements might be used by insurers to discredit your claims.

Collect Contact Information From Witnesses

If there were people who saw the crash, make sure that you get their information so we can contact them as your case moves forward. As time passes, it can be difficult to remember important details about the accident. The more support you can get for your version of events, the better for your future claims.

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer About Your Case Before You Have Any Discussions With Insurance Companies

You should reach out to an experienced car accident attorney attorney in California about your claim before having any conversations with any of the insurance companies involved. Your own insurer may be responsible for paying a portion of your claims if the other drivers in the crash did not have adequate coverage.

You may want to believe that your insurance company is on your side, but it is all-too-frequently most concerned with protecting its bottom line. It is not necessarily going to give you an honest evaluation of your claims. An experienced attorney will be able to walk you through the process of placing a fair and just value on your claim and will help you recover the compensation you need and deserve for all of the economic and personal harms and losses involved.

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