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Insurance Companies May Hurt You More Than Help You After a Crash

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2017 | Car Accidents

Getting into an injury motor vehicle accident in California can understandably be one of life’s most frightening experiences. It can also be frustrating if the accident was the result of another driver’s poor judgment behind the wheel. For example, perhaps the other motorist was driving while distracted by his or her cellphone or a passenger in the car.

In today’s do-it-yourself society, you may be tempted to try to address your accident claim by yourself. You may tell yourself that, after all, if a homeowner can find out how to fix a plumbing problem from YouTube, surely you can find out on your own how to deal with an insurance company. The problem is that insurance companies generally do not have your best interests at heart following an accident.

Insurance Claims

If you have been hurt in a car accident stemming from another driver’s carelessness, you usually have 24 hours to report this incident to the insurance company that is covering the driver who was at fault in your accident. The company will likely ask you to share information about what caused the collision and how serious your injuries are.

Next, the company will open a claim investigation and might ask you to provide details about what happened, including any witnesses at the crash scene and pictures of the scene. You may also have to provide a medical examination from a doctor whom the company chooses. Finally, after calculating the value of your claim, the company issues a settlement check. However, if you think the settlement amount is not high enough, or if the company denies your claim altogether, you may choose to appeal this.

The Truth About Insurance Companies

The truth of the matter is that even when the adjuster may seem agreeable or charming, the insurer is not necessarily trying to do right by you. Your initial settlement check offer might seem tempting, but insurers oftentimes use a lot of their resources and energy to settle a claim for an unfair or insufficient compensation amount, all to protect their bottom lines.

Why you need an attorney

Insurance companies have their own adjusters and attorneys reviewing all aspects of your claim. Therefore, it is helpful to have an attorney on your side when you file a claim following an injury accident. Your attorney in California will help you to pursue a just and adequate compensation amount for your claim considering the circumstances surrounding the accident.